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And In Order To Make A Business, Brand Advertising And Marketing Plays An Important Role. Similarly, In Making Cultivation Business Are Necessary.

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And In Order To Make A Business, Brand Advertising And Marketing Plays An Important Role. Similarly, In Making Cultivation Business Are Necessary.

About Oppiatec

When it comes to delving on providing hassle-free placement services for technical and non-technical industries, global search and recruitment firm Oppiatec Consulting Pvt. Ltd becomes the one-stop answer for all your queries.

We have been time and again reinforcing the fact that for a company to scale realms of glory, the talent of its employees have to be exemplary. That said, tapping onto the right talent has become a daunting task today.

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Our Process For Image Generator

The Rise Of Machine Learning: Unleashing Intelligent Systems

Application Submission

Prospective candidates submit their applications through our user-friendly online portal.

Resume Screening

Our team carefully reviews resumes, ensuring a match between qualifications and job requirements.

Initial Interview

Shortlisted candidates undergo an initial interview to assess their suitability for the role.

Assessment Phase

Successful candidates proceed to various assessments or tasks relevant to the position.evaluate the candidate’s fit within the organization.

Panel Interview

A comprehensive interview with our team or department heads to evaluate the candidate’s fit within the organization.

Offer and Onboarding

The final step involves extending an offer to the selected candidate, followed by a seamless onboarding process.evaluate the candidate’s

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Work Permit Solutions

Work permit is a temporary resident visa issued by Citizenship and Immigration department to grant permission
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Recruitment Campaigns

We can provide a fully managed recruitment campaign for clients
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Recruitment Of Temporary, Interim And Contract Staff

Providing Temporary and Interim staff to support your permanent workforce.
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Payroll Services

Certified specialists provide all types of financial, business & customer support services
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Psychometric Assessments

A wide range of customer services to assist in making cost effective use of a product

Industry We serve

In addition to staffing solutions in this sector, we at Oppiatec Consulting also provide counseling sessions on on-site solutions, compliance solutions, and outsourcing to address critical talent issues.

Staff Development

The current economy has exhibited signs of redundancy in being technology-driven and fast-paced.


Direct Hire

There is an intense ongoing competition for professional and top talents. The fact that most of the skilled candidates are already employed


Executive Search

We at Oppiatec Consulting immerse ourselves in a dynamic alternative to the conventional search model, deemed as the Executive search practice.


Training & Development

Every candidate and job profile is associated with ambition or goal. This marks the reason why we do not just help the candidates grab their dream jobs