The global market of the Telecom industry has been on a boom ever since. As a result, the industry is playing an imperative role in shaping the world’s economy. Hence, the demand for up-and-coming and skilled talents in this field has been spiraling as well. In its pursuit to meet the rampant expectations of the telecom recruitment sector, Oppiatec Consulting has successfully forayed into this sector.

As we marked our entry into the telecom industry, we have expanded our horizons with our experience in this functional sector, which has become an integral part of the ever-evolving market. We have been triumphant in discerning the verve of the needs of such a dynamic market and have delved into how and when to tap into the best resources for adhering to the workforce demand.


The past few years have witnessed the Media industry evolving exponentially. Organizations with an aim of having media and marketing to define their value system have to hire the best available talent from the prevailing pool. As the Media industry has seen continual developments, when it comes to its approach and technologies being employed, it is no doubt that there has been a great demand for skilled and experienced candidates. At Oppiatec, we are well-equipped with vast industry knowledge and records that reinforce the success we have had in recruiting Media talent for businesses across the globe.

Cyber Security

Cyber security in the current scenario has become an integral aspect of technology which is being adopted widely and has garnered attention on a global stage. It has left an imprint in every fundamental component of almost all companies in diversified industries. That said, it calls for genuine talent and skill to be assimilated with the Cyber Security workforce. Oppiatec Consulting provides technological recruitment services on a global level for clients, and it is spread across countries. Our recruiters are well-versed, with regard to experience and expertise in the cyber-security field, thereby adding to the delivery of customer service matched to perfection for both the client and the candidate.


We have mastered the art of recruiting for a wide range of organizations that deal with the energy sector comprising renewable energy, power generation, power, and transmission. With a worldwide reach, our team gauges the qualifications, skills, and job requirements of the candidates and the firms. This approach makes our recruitment process distinct, with regard to any other agency you will talk to. Our recruitment team dives into the task of treating the energy and utility sector with the best talents. With knowledge of the industry par excellence and the required skill set, we are ideally positioned and efficient enough to serve any business in this division with their recruitment.

Staff Development

The current economy has exhibited signs of redundancy in being technology-driven and fast-paced. For organizations to give their best to thrive in such an economy, it is a requisite to have the additional skill set in their employees to sustain the grasp they have on the market. Many firms take to either skimming their in-house team to give precedence to freelancing resources or expanding their team with highly skilled people to achieve their goals. Oppiatec Consulting consultants hand out services, which are matched to perfection, on comprehensive staff augmentation services for an array of technology areas.

Direct Hire

There is an intense ongoing competition for professional and top talents. The fact that most of the skilled candidates are already employed on a full-time basis or have assumed permanent positions at some other firm is precisely the reason for the same. However, why should one let this prevent you from landing on the best perm candidate for your firm? We have an untrammeled connection to seek and find talent tailor-made for each profile.

To put it concisely, we have aced it, with regard to unparalleled expertise to source the best direct hires for the client and the organization he or she belongs to.

Executive Search

We at Oppiatec Consulting immerse ourselves in a dynamic alternative to the conventional search model, deemed as the Executive search practice. Our consultants are constantly breaking the stereotypes of the legacy approach by adopting a customized and flexible search process. We infuse agility and pace in our process by ensuring that sustained quality is delivered and methodology is aptly followed.

By rendering open and structured communication, our commitment is to forge a bond of trust in the partnership and offer transparency as proof of our leadership talent.

Training and Development

Every candidate and job profile is associated with ambition or goal. This marks the reason why we do not just help the candidates to grab their dream jobs but further take forward our services in becoming part of their journey to achieve every aspirational task with excellence for the same. At Oppiatec Consulting, we have designed a practical and structured training program that brings under its ambit aspects such as job mentoring and bespoke management training sessions, along with technical training by leading industry experts. We also reach out to them with Training and Development Services in view of empowering and educating the candidates or employees of an organization to climb the ladder of success.

In addition to the pre-designed modules, our Training and Development programs are customized post conducting in-depth research and analysis of the companies or institutions for top-notch results.

Compliance and Logistics

Each country is swiftly changing the dynamic of its economy in our vast geographical world. In the corporate world, the compliance and logistics sector paves the way to become the backbone to sustain this economy. This purpose is fulfilled by complying with all the regulations and being in tandem with the most efficient and cost-effective flow of goods. Digitization and boom in the e-commerce sector have further coalesced them with the growth of the logistics sector. That said, an acute shortage of skilled service and management personnel in this field still exists.

In addition to staffing solutions in this sector, we at Oppiatec Consulting also provide counseling sessions on on-site solutions, compliance solutions, and outsourcing to address critical talent issues.

Medical and Healthcare

Healthcare has evolved so much that it has emerged as one of the largest businesses in the world today. For a market sector that strenuously works on a quick turn-around coupled with precision, the quest for talent has just begun. The leaders of the healthcare industry are eyeing to set a new paradigm, revolving around the future of care and to establish a sustainable smart health community. The industry is thriving and has not exhibited any signs of slowing down in the near future.

To ensure that you are at the leading edge of development and research, a talent that can deliver as per your expectations with an awareness of the ongoing trends is what is needed. This calls for expertise in both participating and identifying the right talent. With the marriage of techniques and technology, our consultants help you to pursue the rock stars that propel you on a different path altogether.

From MNCs to the most recent startups entering the market, we have collaborated with companies of varying dimensions and at diverse stages of business. We do not just proffer a pile of CVs to you, we rather narrow down to a consultative approach, which comprises identifying needs for hiring, reviewing applicants’ profiles, and sending them for interviews. With this approach, we envision long-term success extending beyond the realms in the field of Medical and Healthcare.

In addition to staffing solutions in this sector, we at Oppiatec Consulting also provide counseling sessions on on-site solutions, compliance solutions, and outsourcing to address critical talent issues.

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