About Oppiatec

Embodying promptness for seamless recruitment.

When it comes to delving into providing hassle-free placement services for technical and non-technical industries, global search and recruitment firm Oppiatec Consulting Pvt. Ltd becomes the one-stop answer for all your queries.

We have been time and again reinforcing the fact that for a company to scale realms of glory, the talent of its employees has to be exemplary. That said, tapping into the right talent has become a daunting task today.

This is the domain where Oppiatec Consulting breathes a new lease of life. Conducting research and acing the quest for talents has been our forte. By equipping our top-notch HR and recruitment services, coupled with the latest tools and technologies; we get great companies entwined with great talents and vice versa.

Our Journey

Leveraging on an extensive global network to render cross-border work paves the way for us to chart a distinction way of functioning in the recruitment sector. Hence, imbibing the right approach indicates that we have to tap into each client’s business, fully comprehend their concerns and then establish the well-efficient steps that can be enforced in their workspace.

Be it businesses that have carved a niche for themselves or those who have just ventured into the same, enterprises look up to us regarding a cumulative selection of human capital demands. They encompass collating and meticulously choosing exceptional applicants, further accumulation and management of entire recruitment processes, enriching employee performance, and forging future leaders, in addition to taking charge of outplacement and redeployment programs.

In addition to it, our state-of-the-art strategies will lend assistance to you to surpass the recruiting goals in the most timely and cost-effective way possible.

By banking on our proficiency in recruiting and the profound knowledge of the clients on a regional basis, one can design, engineer, and implement solutions with utmost productiveness and efficacy. We have diligently been working hard to attain our goals, at the same time revving our team up to be more ambitious. We believe in recognizing the performance of our team, as we constantly reward and celebrate individual milestones as well as the teams.

We provide an array of services, which includes Recruiting, Training, and Consulting to help customers and applicants fulfill a wide range of needs. We pride ourselves on being graced by the ensemble of experts, who equip the best of their knowledge and experience to finesse in addressing the umpteen number of complex challenges of human resources by instilling their efficiency and pace.

Our Values

Here are a few core elements of the value system that Oppiatec Consulting has emblazoned their system:

  • Integrity & Ethical values.
  • Exercising the role of a team player.
  • Going the extra mile.
  • Envisioning constant growth.
  • Relentless in spirit
  • Working in Client’s best interest
  • Ensuring that fun is inherent in everything we do.

Each member of our team abides by the above-mentioned decree to ensure long-term success. We have worked fastidiously as a team to narrow down our values. Values dictate as a guide for any team member to always tread on the right path by making apt decisions to move ahead with more conviction as a business venture. We become an embodiment of our company values and bring them to fruition. This steadfast resolve inherently gives birth to the culture that we are all proud to be a part of.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an all-encompassing and revered technology recruitment firm. Our aim is to deliver and treat our clients through the organic growth we make, capitalizing on our people and rendering outstanding service to our clients and applicants.

We strive to showcase our services, which are indisputably sublime at all times, be it quality staffing, management, and providing candidates to our customers who seamlessly and predominantly cater to the greater part of their demands. We are committed to offering recruitment and administration services, which are consistently extraordinaire, for both our clients and applicants.

We are dedicated to:

  • Transcending customer and representative desires
  • Become an epitome of Trust, commitment, and demonstrating conclusive skill
  • Forging long-term connections based on trust and reverence
  • Being ethically reliable and imprinting an emphatic effect on the group

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